Getting Involved in the SAE G-27 Lithium Battery Packaging Performance Committee

November 8, 2023

Batteries, when properly designed and tested, are inherently safe products, but as the use of devices powered by lithium batteries continues to advance, there is a clear need for new, enhanced standards that keep up with lithium technology. One area of focus is aircraft transportation of lithium batteries and products that contain them, since the danger resulting from a thermal runaway event occurring in the air is much greater than during other modes of transportation. That’s why Americase team members actively participate in organizations and committees to help develop standards and guide regulations for the safety and benefit of every industry and sector involved in the lifecycle of batteries. SAE G-27 is one of those committees we are proud to support.

SAE International & the G-27 Committee

As an association of over 128,000 members strong, SAE International, formerly known as the Society of Automotive Engineers, is an internationally renowned professional association and organization actively developing engineering standards for a variety of industries, including commercial vehicles, aerospace, and more. Together, their mission is to advance knowledge around mobility industries and create solutions for the benefit of all humanity. Through the creation of their collaboration platform, StandardsWorks, and 750+ councils, committees, and task groups, SAE International and its members provide guidance on the technical industry standards leading safety, quality, and innovation efforts across the globe.

The G-27 Lithium Battery Packaging Performance Committee was established at the request of the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) and created by SAE International member engineers. This technical committee was formed to respond to the request for lithium-ion battery packaging standards for aircraft travel. According to the StandardsWorks website:

“SAE G-27, Lithium Battery Packaging, is a technical committee in SAE’s General Projects Systems Group with the responsibility for the development and maintenance of minimum performance package standards that support the safe shipment of lithium batteries as cargo on aircraft.”

SAE G-27’s Current Objectives

Since its formation in 2016, the SAE G–27 Committee has held two main objectives:

  • to develop Aerospace Standards (AS) for a minimum performance standard for the safe shipping of lithium batteries as cargo on aircraft, with the standard including aspects like packaging design, qualification, and more;
  • and to provide a forum for the exchange of technical information related to lithium battery packaging for aircraft transportation.

SAE G-27 has most recently overseen the testing of performance-based packaging and is currently in the process of compiling its recommendations and background material to continue its testing efforts and facilitate more discussions around the subject. Ultimately, the standards created would guide regulatory agencies to oversee and ensure safety around all aspects of lithium battery air transportation.

SAE G-27 & Americase

Since its inception in the 1980s Americase has always operated toward our mission of collaborative work with our partners to deliver the highest quality products. While our “partners” are typically the client companies that seek us out for our innovative solutions, they can also be the industry and regulatory committees our team members choose to join, such as SAE G-27. Americase’s CEO Robby Kinsala and VP of Sales for Lithium & Hazmat Division Chris Egloff provide their expertise to this committee with the ultimate goal of making it safer for companies across a variety of industries to ship lithium batteries by air. Both are writing and voting members, and Robby also serves as a liaison from Fulcrum Testing, an Americase sister company.

Moving Forward Together

Today, the SAE G-27 Lithium Battery Packaging Performance Committee continues to push forward toward its goal of creating standards so regulatory agencies can ensure the safe air transportation of lithium batteries. Through Americase’s involvement, the committee has received industry-leading assistance, lithium battery expertise, and testing insights. Moving forward, our team will continue to act as active SAE members for the greater good of the G-27 committee, as well as the companies affected by shipping lithium batteries by air.

Americase is proud of our team’s engagement with organizations leading the charge on addressing industry-wide issues, and we look forward to SAE G-27’s next meeting, which will take place in Fort Worth, Texas. For more information on the committee, check out its profile on the StandardsWorks website, and to learn more about how Americase applies its innovative problem-solving to answer our clients’ needs in addition to industry-wide issues, contact us today.

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