Lithium-Ion Battery Storage Cabinet


Unless damaged or mishandled, lithium-ion batteries are generally safe. But in the event of a thermal runaway, lithium battery fires are extremely volatile and can happen within seconds. The results are often catastrophic in terms of extensive facility and property damage, loss of inventory, supply chain breakdown, and even injury or death.

To help businesses safely store their lithium-ion batteries and products inventory, we engineered the Lithium-Ion Battery Cabinet. The latest addition to our lithium containment portfolio, the Lithium-Ion Battery Cabinet enables safe storage of batteries with full containment in case of a thermal runaway. The cabinet exceeds all IFC24 storage standards and features casters to enable easy movement and placement of inventory anywhere in the facility to meet operational needs. 

  • Exceeds all IFC24 storage standards and is designed to replace a separate dangerous goods fire-rated storage room.
  • The cabinet is customizable to your battery sizes, quantity and other specifications.
  • Aircraft-grade aluminum construction.
  • Stainless steel hinges and hardware.
  • The Lithium-Ion Storage Cabinet exceeds all IFC24 storage standards and eliminates the need for a separate dangerous goods fire-rated room, driving significant time and cost savings.
  • Cabinet’s casters enable easy movement and maneuverability to place the inventory anywhere in your facility based on operational needs. 
  • Maximum durability and ROI with aluminum construction and stainless-steel hinges and hardware for 10+ years of field life.
  • The cabinet is field-repairable and fully recyclable, for maximum longevity and sustainability.
  • Maximum safety with each battery separately enclosed within the cabinet to mitigate propagation.
  • Customizable to meet your unique requirements, including lithium-ion battery or product shapes, sizes, quantity, specifications, and more while delivering the same tested and proven thermal containment capability, code compliance, and maximum safety. 
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