Helicopter Free Turbine Unit Case


Transporting and storing helicopter free turbine units can be risky business. Vibration and impacts can cause damage to or cause performance impacts to engine components, which can lead to the free turbine unit not performing optimally when taken out of the box.  Our helicopter engine and free turbine cases are custom designed to mechanically hold and protect individual engines against shocks and vibrations. Customized to protect, OEM and MRO companies trust Americase’s Helicopter Engine cases to provide quality assurance in every aspect of their logistics.

The Helicopter Free Turbine Unit case balances functionality, form, factor, safety, and durability in a single protective container. The 50/50 split case design has a custom rack that is built around the engine design.  With bolt mounts combined with rubber shock isolators, the internal frame design provides vibration resistance with excellent stability and easy accessibility. 

The free turbine unit engine case offers several environmental benefits that help in corrosion resistance, mold, and debris intrusion. Stackable and forklift friendly, the helicopter free turbine unit case is the ultimate storage and transportation solution. 

  • Welded aluminum with an additional kickplate to prevent forklift punctures
  • Stainless steel rivets, handles, and latches for durability and resistance to corrosion
  • Recessed lid tabs to help guide the lid and hold it in place
  • Custom interior engine bolt mount rack with rubber shock isolators
  • Forklift guides for easy loading and unloading
  • Field repairable and replaceable components.

Helicopter Free Turbine Unit Case for OEM and MRO Alike.


Our Helicopter Free Turbine Unit cases are customized to ensure excellent fit and protection.  For OEM’s who focus on quality or MRO’s who are seeking to protect their work, our engine cases provide the ability to transport and store with the highest standard of protection and longevity. With inhouse engineering, state-of-the art fabrication and AS9100 manufacturing standards, you can be sure our cases are built with superior functionality and performance in mind.

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