EV Storage


Lithium ion batteries are vital to the safe operation of the electric and hybrid vehicles on the road today. However, when Americase was commissioned by a major company, we realized there was nothing available to help automotive manufacturers ship their prototype, functional, and DDR batteries, we knew it was our time to create the innovative solution that would help manufacturers now and far into the future. Americase approached the EV battery packaging problem with versatility as the number one priority. We engineered a case using three different form factors, allowing for multiple battery sizes, both current and future, to fit within each unique Form Factor.

  • We created our electric car battery storage cases to scale to fit future battery shapes and sizes, ensuring that customers save money by not replacing their cases with each new model.
  • Our containers feature a universal securement system that utilizes an efficient and effective 10% base, 90% lid design.
  • Each storage container is 100% made in America and utilizes recyclable materials to keep cases lightweight and easy to transport.

Americase EV Battery Cases

In our electric vehicle battery storage cases, we prioritize features that surpass regulatory standards and streamline the process of using and working with our cases. 

  • Constructed with a raised HDPE floor outlined and crossed with an e-track system for adjustable battery placement.
  • Two windows located on either side of the lid so the contents could be checked without opening the case
  • Double wall design allows for fire and heat mitigation and to ensure any runaway events are contained in the sealed case environment
  • Liftable via engine hoist, forklift, overhead crane, bucket truck, etc.
  • Grounded to mitigate the risk of unexpected ESD

Modernizing Electric Car Battery Storage for the Future

When Americase was first introduced to the problem vehicle manufacturers were having with shipping their batteries across the country, we knew our straightforward and practical approach to creating scalable designs was going to be key. Looking at batteries of different shapes, sizes, and states (Newly manufactured Prototype, Tested prototype (possibly crash tested), 38.3 Tested Good Battery, 38.3 Tested Damaged Battery), we designed cases that could hold up to each unique use cases different qualifications and labeling requirements to transport them safely and legally. Since our electric vehicle battery storage containers product, we’ve worked with many of the top hybrid and fully electric car companies on the market today.

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