When it comes to requiring durability, toughness, smart design, and protection, there is not a more demanding customer than our armed services.  Americase is known for providing smart, rugged, and reliable protective containers that allow our Military to transport and store their high value assets without concern of damage in some of the toughest environmental conditions on the planet.

Superior functionality and performance are cornerstones of every Americase product. We thrive on overcoming complex problems with efficient and effective solutions based on smart and practical thinking built on over 50 years of case manufacturing and design.  We work with military personnel, OEM manufacturers, and MRO providers to develop a custom solution that meets the ultimate needs of the mission.  This includes performance in challenging environmental conditions, stackability, logistical challenges, safety in handling and operation, field repairable, and durability.

Protective Case Solutions that Meet the Demands of the Military

Americase’s protective case solutions are the result of collaborative problem solving built on over 50 years of experience building some of the most complex cases in the industry.  We have provided cases for the Airforce, Army, Navy, Marines, and Coastguard, and for every major aircraft manufacturer that serves them.  Our cases are trusted to protect the most sensitive of mission critical equipment.

Put us on your case and let’s develop a custom case solution that is worthy of our Military.

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