Data Centers


Battery Backup Units, also often called BBUs, are used by data centers across a variety of industries and are high-value equipment in their applications. When Americase was approached to engineer a reliable case that provided data centers with better ways to access, transport, and store their BBUs, we designed and manufactured custom containers to work with these sensitive, vital components.

  • Each data center container is made from superior aluminum and static dissipative foam to ensure a 10+ year field life.
  • Customized capacity comes standard, and the interior is designed to easily change, allowing it to scale with your operation as you grow. 
  • Containers are 100% American-made from fully recyclable materials, keeping each BBU transportation case durable and lightweight.

With data centers, we bring our signature practical approach to designing our client’s cases, focusing on custom-made solutions that fit your unique logistical needs. With Americase, exceptional features come standard.

  • Constructed to be field-repairable, so downtime and operational interruptions are minimized
  • Human-friendly design to reduce workers’ compensation cases and increase productivity 
  • 180° hinge down door designed to increase the ease of loading and unloading
  • BBUs remain separated for secure transportation
  • Stackable design used to optimize storage space and eliminate the need for BBU-only rooms
  • Grounded to mitigate the risk of unexpected ESD
  • Liftable by forklift

We’ve Made User & Shipping-Friendly BBU Containers Work for Our Clients

At Americase, we bring a practical approach to our data center clients, prioritizing safe transportation solutions that are easy to regularly use and store, aren’t single-use like the current standard, and eliminate the need for a room dedicated solely to BBU storage. With these optimizations in mind, we’ve created cost-effective storage solutions that are tailored specifically to exceed each client’s existing standards.

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