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At Americase, we understand that when a company reaches out to us in response to a sudden lithium recall and recovery event, they need a supporter that can give them the tools and resources they need to turn their situation around. Both our ready-made response products and our custom proactive containers were engineered to help companies of all industries and sizes to protect their high-value products or act as an extension of their customer service efforts in the event of DDR lithium batteries.

Custom Lithium Ion & Damaged, Defective, & Recalled Solutions


As electric and hybrid vehicles continue to grow in popularity, the more important the safety and security of transporting EV batteries becomes.

At Americase, we understand that no detail is too small when it comes to electric vehicle batteries, no detail is too small, so we make sure that every aspect is shown the same care and attention to ensure you meet and greatly exceed regulatory standards for lithium transportation and storage.

Consumer Electronics DDR

Planning for a lithium recall event is no longer going above and beyond, but is now a necessity when taking a product to market.  

When you have a recall event that requires prompt action, the shipping solutions from Americase will give you the tools you need to quickly implement your recovery plan. With our consumer-friendly designs based on the three most common form factors (cell phones, tablets, and laptops), you’ll have the shipping solution that’s ready for quick, easy distribution when you’re facing an emergency.

Data Centers

In a data center setting, the storage and accessibility needs require meticulous attention to detail and safety, making the usual single-use and unintuitive packaging options ineffective and impossible to use in a cost-efficient manner.

The Battery Backup Units, also known as BBUs, that data centers rely on containers for protection from drop damage, protection from electrostatic discharge (ESD), and safe transportation when necessary. With Americase, you get a solution that ensures your BBUs are covered in every scenario and gives you optimized storage and handling.

Power Tools

As a company that relies on the everyday use of power tools, we understand the importance of properly shipping and storing the lithium-ion batteries your tools rely on. 

At Americase, we know that without your tools, you won’t be able to carry on with the important work you do, so our lithium cases are custom-designed to fit your specific needs and to maintain the safety and integrity of your tools’ lithium batteries, and contain any potential thermal event that may occur.

Recreational Vehicles & Micromobility Devices

When Americase was first introduced to the problem vehicle manufacturers were having with shipping their batteries across the country, we knew our straightforward and practical approach to creating scalable designs was going to be key. 

We then moved on to recreational vehicles and their lithium products,  because we know that without the safe and secure transportation and storage of your batteries, you’ll face potential downtime, recall, or thermal event. Our custom cases are designed for each client’s unique requirements and use cases, so they stand up to your needs today and well into the future.

When you need a partner in lithium storage or transportation, let Americase be the expert to help you.

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