Americase has become known as a can-do company that specializes in sophisticated fabrication projects with efficient and effective results. When customers need precision for their projects, our machining capability gives them the partner they need. With milling tolerance capabilities down to a 2000th of an inch, and quality suitable to our AS9100 and ISO 9001 certifications, we provide the results and timeliness that our customers expect.

We help our customers overcome their most complex fabrication problems, whether it’s custom parts, delays, complex fabrication projects that require multiple steps, or where engineering or reverse engineering are needed.  We thrive on challenging projects and accomplish them with a 99% on-time delivery rate. 

  • 3-Axis Milling – 40″ X 20″ X 25″
  • 5-Axis Milling – 30″ X 20″ X 24″
  • Water Jet – 144″ X 60″ x6″
  • Fiber Laser – 6000 watt 144″ X 60″
  • CNC Lathe – 16″ X 48″
  • Laser Punch – 200″ X 60″
  • Router – 240″ X 60″ x 6″
  • Punch
    • 161″ X 240 Ton
    • 144″ X 100 Ton
    • 122″ X 8 Ton
    • 49″ 25 Ton

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Machining and milling to print every time, on time.

Americase is an innovative solutions company that strives to provide the highest level of quality in everything we do.  Our machining capabilities provide customers with the ultimate in precision.  Combine our machinery along with our cutting, punching, bending, and assembly, and customers have a fabrication company that can accomplish the most complex projects with the quality and workmanship they can expect.

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