Oxygen Cylinder Storage Cases


Oxygen cylinders and generators are delicate, high-value products to ship and both require careful expertise and engineering knowledge to ensure their safe transportation. At Americase, we created case designs for Chemical Oxygen Generators (COG), Protective Breathing Equipment (PBE), and Passenger Service Unit storage (PSU) that could pass all ATA tests and surpass compliance to ensure they’re not only durable, but have the long field life that your ROI will thank you for.

  • Each oxygen shipping container is made of lightweight aluminum with over 1,000 industrial-grade rivets for reinforcement
  • All features can be customized to fit your vision or your unique problem, so it’s fitted specifically to you and not made to be “one-size-fits-all”
  • Containers are 100% American made in Texas from fully recyclable materials

Americase Oxygen Generators and Cylinders Cases

The Americase team brings a smart, practical approach to designing transportation containers, focused on customizing our solutions to fit your specific logistical wants and requirements. With our containers, exceptional features come standard.

  • Rigid packaging capable of passing flame and heat penetration requirements detailed in 49 CFR 173.168
  • Customizable hardware, opening style, color, strength, and more
  • Construction to ensure no more AOG’s (Aircraft on Ground)
  • Variable sizing to choose from

The Case for Transporting Oxygen Cylinders the Custom Route 

When working with oxygen cylinder and generator storage, off-the-shelf storage containers can only get you so far. With Americase, we stand alone as the industry’s only high-volume, solutions-oriented custom case manufacturer. We created an innovative alternative to inefficient, unsafe, and single use packaging, resulting in high insurance premiums and costly replacements. When you need security and a solution that works for–not against–your ROI, Americase will engineer the tailormade container to exceed expectations.

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