Meet Li-Ion Safety, Compliance, and Reliability Requirements

When it comes to Lithium-Ion batteries, safety, compliance, and reliability are top requirements. How do you ensure you meet them all? With exhaustive testing conducted by a trusted partner with extensive expertise in the dangerous goods industry.

At Americase, our in-house testing laboratory specializes in testing energetic materials and products, focusing on lithium-ion batteries and the products that they power. Our team of test engineers customizes our testing strategy to your unique needs to help you ensure your products meet and exceed standards and certifications.

Prepare to Meet New Classification Requirements

The United Nations Transport of Dangerous Goods Sub-Committee has undertaken an initiative to classify lithium batteries based on their inherent risks. This means manufacturers of lithium batteries need to test batteries for failure as opposed to simply meeting the UN 38.3 test requirements.

Our expert staff assists companies to better understand the inherent hazards associated with their cells and batteries to prepare you to meet all applicable classification testing requirements.

To Recall or Not to Recall?

We provide test results and data that you can use to determine if a recall is required.

If your company has experienced a safety event and is considering a recall, our test engineers and industry experts can consult with you to determine the root cause of the safety event and how likely it is to occur. 

We can also assist you in determining if the product needs to be shipped as damaged or defective batteries and require special packaging.

Ensure Safe, Highest Performing Batteries

Our testing experts can help you better understand how safe your batteries really are and help you design safer batteries.

 We can help you ensure the safety and performance of your battery products under anticipated usage, environmental and hazardous conditions to meet and exceed standards and requirements and avoid costly recalls.

Proven Reliability of Every Case 

We exhaustively test each case we design to give you confidence in your case’s performance against thermal runaway events, and that you meet all current and future regulations. 

Focus on doing what you do best. We’ll do the safety and compliance testing for you.

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