The Battery Box


The Battery Box is a thermally lined, fiberboard kit based on the “box within a box” configuration. Built for the safe transportation of DDR batteries, this shipping solution is made to handle higher watt-hour shipments and the more unstable battery products in the most common recall and recovery events. The Battery Box is rated to ship an aggregate of up to 1,500 watt hours, making it a great option for shipping multiple batteries or cells inside or outside of equipment

  • Any battery size up to 36 kg and under 1,500-watt hours.
  • With our individualized solutions, you can request custom-made Battery Boxes that fit the exact layout of your equipment.
  • Manufactured in-house for fast turnaround and shipping.

Americase Battery Box

At Americase, we engineered The Battery Box to be the robust containment solution that pairs a minimal footprint with easy-to-assemble design for fast shipping to consumer or OEM distribution centers.

  • Designed for use with DDR and prototype batteries of different sizes and higher watt-hours
  • Allows customers to use Americase Manufacture Mark and Sell SP16011
  • Doesn’t require a DG professional to ship, even with damaged or defective equipment
  • Vermiculite-free design and construction

Trusted in 70% of DDR Recalls in U.S. History

Over the years, the Americase team saw the growing need for economical shipping solutions that could safely contain the more volatile lithium and DDR batteries. The Battery Box is the result of years of research, development, and continuous distribution through multiple recall and recovery events in partnership with some of the biggest consumer electronics companies in the industry.

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