Containers for High-Priority & Business Critical Use in Oil & Gas

Transporting equipment for use in the Oil & Gas industry can often be just as demanding as using the same equipment in the field. At Americase, our goal when approaching this industry-specific problem was to engineer containers that ensured the safety of this sensitive, mission-critical equipment while remaining easy to use. With each custom project, we ensure shipment by common carriers and company trucks, the security of your high-value tools, the damage prevention of high-value tools, and durable light-weight designs to balance longevity and shipping costs.

Innovative Cases for Oil & Gas Applications

Reliable, Exceptional Cases

The storage and transportation of equipment for use in the Oil & Gas industry is vital to the efficiency of an on- or off-shore operation. 

At Americase, we take this concept to heart and specialize in manufacturing fully aluminum containers for use in oil and gas applications. Each custom case is made to withstand the difficult transport of Measurement While Drilling (MWD) and other downhole Wireline Services tools.

Customizable Capabilities

Our variety of interior options allows for customization to ensure your case holds up to the specific conditions of your application.

Americase containers are made durable to withstand the rigorous wear and tear of daily use on off-shore rigs or through regular equipment use. Additionally, our cases are 100% made-in-America from recyclable materials to ensure your custom creations remain lightweight and easy-to-use.

Specially Design, Down to the Hardware

Each of our Oil & Gas industry-specialized containers are expertly welded and made primarily of aluminum to keep them ⅓ of the weight of steel alternatives to be secure for 10+ years of hands-on use.

Every case is designed to be applicable in both off-shore and land-based application environments, via IP56 capable and waterproof construction, and are built only with corrosion-resistant hardware to ensure a long field life.

Put us on your case and together, we’ll customize a solution to protect the equipment you need most.

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