Helicopter Rotorhead Case


Our main rotorhead cases are customized to each rotorhead design. Whether an articulated, semi-rigid, or rigid rotorhead, our cases provide a fully form-fitted interior with a sealed, welded aluminum exterior.  The case has the durability to protect against drops and falls and corrosion in tough environments. It is the perfect solution for OEM and MRO providers alike.

The case offers several environmental benefits that help in corrosion resistance, mold, and debris intrusion. The 50/50 split design allows for ease of access, exact positioning of molded foam, and a lock tight seal to prevent water intrusion. With steel latches and a fully welded aluminum exterior, the main rotorhead case is built to last. 

The case is field repairable and components are replaceable.

  • Sealed, welded aluminum exterior
  • Fully custom fitted interior 
  • Stainless steel rivets, hinges, and latches for durability and resistance to corrosion
  • Custom fit foam inserts prevent damage to rotorhead from vibration or movement
  • Lock tight seal to prevent water intrusion
  • Split design allows to quickly and easily get the product in and out of the case
  • Field repairable and replaceable components

Helicopter Main Rotorhead Cases for OEM and MRO Alike.

Our main rotorhead cases are custom fabricated to ensure excellent fit and protection.  For OEM’s who focus on quality or MRO’s who are seeking to protect their work, our rotor hub shaft cases provide the ability to transport and store with the highest standard of protection and longevity. With inhouse engineering, state-of-the art fabrication and AS9100 manufacturing standards, you can be sure our cases are built with superior functionality and performance in mind.

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