Battery Backup Storage Container


Data centers are quickly transitioning their Battery Backup Units, or BBUs, to lithium-ion batteries for reliability and longevity. Lithium-ion batteries come with many challenges, such as single use packaging that has to be replaced and managed every time storage or changes are needed, and transportation and storage volume limitations due to hazardous material regulations. 

The Americase lithium BBU battery cabinet container helps customers safely store and transport lithium-ion batteries while also aiding as a workflow solution. This Kanban system helps you reduce waste, handling, and risk that comes with implementing lithium-ion into your facility.

  • Each battery backup storage case is constructed from superior aluminum and static dissipative foam to ensure a 10+ year field life.
  • Customized capacity comes standard, and the interior is designed to be reconfigurable, so it scales with your operation as you change and grow.
  • Containers are 100% American made from fully recyclable materials that keep each lithium battery rack transport case lightweight and durable.


Americase takes a practical approach to designing our containers, focusing on tailoring solutions to fit your unique logistical needs. With us, exceptional features come standard.

  • Constructed to be repairable in the field, so downtime and operational interruptions are kept to a minimum
  • Manufactured to be ergonomically-friendly which reduces workers compensation instances and increases efficiency and productivity 
  • Fabricated with a 180° hinge-down door to increase the ease of loading and unloading
  • Designed so that the BBUs remain separated for security in transportation
  • Created to be stackable to optimize storage space and eliminate the need for BBU storage rooms
  • Grounded to mitigate the risk of unexpected ESD
  • Liftable by forklift

The Positive Impact of Ergonomic Lithium Battery Rack Containers

When a storage solution is built only to compliance guidelines, it results in higher costs and minimal efficiency considerations. At Americase, we bring an innovative problem-solving approach to our protection container design so you can trust your high-value BBUs are transported and stored to the highest standards. Each case reduces waste and excess costs by eliminating the need for single use packaging and high insurance premiums. When your goal is increased longevity and ROI, Americase will meet you with a top-of-the-line, tailor-made backup battery cabinet container fit to your needs.

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