Aircraft Parts Storage Containers


From ULD containers to fly away kits, the aviation industry relies on a variety of cases to get the job done. The Americase team accepted the challenge of creating cases that better fit the complex designs of aircraft MROs and spare parts, and provides safer shipping and less damaged assets during transport.

  • Constructed with rugged aluminum to keep containers lightweight enough for daily use, but durable enough for an extensive field life
  • Custom engineered to fit individual commercial airline specifications
  • Designed to provide lightweight shipping solutions for a variety of COM-MAT uses

Airspace MROs, OEMs and Spares Cases

Our custom containers are built to protect equipment and adhere to even the strictest government-use regulations. With our designs, features that go above and beyond come standard. 

  • Flexible available configurations to create custom containers for any part or need
  • Fully welded, reinforced construction to ensure maximum durability, protection, and field life longevity
  • Engineered and constructed to resist and protect against even the harshest outdoor storage conditions
  • ATA 300 compliant

Trusted Aircraft Parts Storage: In the Hangar & On the Tarmac

With commercial aviation transport, inferior design and inconsistent quality are the norm. Americase saw the shortcomings the industry was forced to deal with and brought a practical approach to redesigning new solutions that exceed industry standards and maximize ROI. Our team will work closely with experts from your purchasing, maintenance store, hazardous materials, and inventory/warehouse departments to ensure your custom-designed cases protect your mission-critical cargo and their transportation from every angle. We’ve created top-of-the-line custom job boxes, ULD containers, and fly away kits for airlines for years, and we’re here to do the same for you.

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