BBU Storage


BBUs, also known as Battery Backup Units, are a vital part of every operation they’re in. These often come with single-use packaging that warrant the creation of a custom-built solution to make them easily accessible and allow them to be stored safely. Internally, this is a problem that’s rarely met with the expertise you need to get the job done right. At Americase, our team has the knowledge and experience to engineer the storage containers to solve your BBU storage problems.

  • Our BBU storage containers are built from aluminum and premier static dissipative foam to ensure you have a safe case that’s built for 10+ years of in-field use.
  • With our custom-tailored solutions, you can choose the capacity of your containers now and allow them to be reconfigurable in the future, scaling with you as you grow.
  • Each storage container is 100% made in America and utilizes recyclable materials to keep cases lightweight and easy to transport.
  • Download Drawings: Americase-BBU Case Specs


Americase-BBU Case Specs

  • Interruptions and downtime are kept to a minimum by cases that are built to be repairable on the spot 
  • People-first design helps increase productivity and to decrease workers’ compensation cases
  • 180° hinge down doors make loading and unloading easier
  • BBUs are held separately for better safety security in transport
  • Designed to be stackable to make storing multiple containers easier and eliminate the need for BBU storage rooms
  • Grounded to mitigate the risk of unexpected ESD
  • Liftable by forklift

The Case for Custom Made BBU Storage Containers

At Americase, we bring a practical approach to designing containers for clients across any industry, focusing on custom-tailored solutions that fit only your unique needs. With us, the standard is exceptional features that exceed regulations and expectations. Whether you need a single BBU storage solution or you’re looking for someone to help you reassess how you store, transport, and regularly access your BBUs, Americase is here to help.

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