Comprehensive Lithium Support Services to Fit Any Scope

At Americase, our deep understanding of regulatory compliance has given us the expertise we needed to design our various solutions that meet regulations in addition to providing our customers with the peace of mind that their products, DDR or not, will ship uneventfully.

Additionally, through our years of hands-on experience, we have created a framework of partnering organizations to handle all your lithium transportation needs. We can provide preventive compliance-type packaging to put your mind at ease during shipments, or custom tailor the more robust solutions necessary in the event of mass recall or short-run recovery programs of batteries, devices, or both directly from consumers.

Reliable Damaged, Defective & Recalled (DDR) Support


At Americase, we designed our suite of lithium battery recall and recovery solutions prioritizing ease-of-use for our clients and their customers first and foremost. No dangerous goods professional is required to offer shipment, and our product testing ensures our packaging’s performance against thermal runaway events.

Turnkey Solutions

Both of our Battery Bag and Battery Box solutions are structured as all-in-one kits with peel and stick seal closures, easy shipping instructions, and all the necessary DG markings, complete with each shipping box or bag. Both your operations and your customers will be able to use both offerings with customer service intervention.

Permits Included

Our team partners our packaging with our special permit DOT-SP 16011 to offer relief from the various strict conditions of 49 CFR that can lead to costly delays when working to mitigate recall or recovery instances on your own. When necessary, Americase can offer governmental assistance in regards to special permits or regulatory compliance when you need an extra helping hand.

We have the support solutions to help you respond to your recall or recovery event quickly and efficiently.

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