We Serve a Broad Range of the Most Demanding Industries

In conjunction with some of the most well-known Fortune 50 companies, Americase has designed custom cases for a variety of verticals and industries spanning some of the strictest regulatory standards in the country. Over the years, we have accumulated experience thanks to the complex and nuanced projects we’ve been involved in. Today, we apply our knowledge and expertise to each custom project or newest lithium innovation to ensure that no matter what you need to transport or store, Americase will have the capacity and capability when you need it most.

Years of Helping Clients of All Backgrounds & Needs

At Americase, we design and manufacture commercial-grade transportation and storage containers for a wide variety of use cases and applications. Our clients include everyone from the military to commercial airlines and manufacturers of electronics, to oil and gas, hazardous transportation companies, and everyone else in between. We believe that while each application is unique in its needs, each project deserves the same uncompromised support and satisfaction as the next. Regardless of your circumstances, our team has the experience to custom design and fabricate the one-of-a-kind solution your application and industry are lacking.

Our Areas of Expertise


At Americase, we understand the complex regulations and standards around storage and transportation in the commercial aerospace and airline industry.


Whether you need a partner to help you prioritize the secure transportation of your MROs and spare parts, or the safe, uneventful storage of oxygen equipment, Americase will be there to customize a solution fitted specifically to you. 

Oil & Gas

The Oil & Gas industry has a unique set of needs that requires specialized equipment cases constructed to deliver protection for years at a time.


Our tailor-made containers are created to meet IP56 standards, on- and off-shore, so you can attend to work as usual without fear that your cases won’t hold up to your daily needs.

Lithium Battery Support

Whether you specialize in consumer electronics or automotive EV batteries, our suite of lithium storage and safe, fireproof transportation solutions are designed for reliable use and fast deployment. 


At Americase, we’re responsible for handling over 70% of the country’s lithium-ion battery recalls, so we know how to design and test containers to hold up to exceedingly rigorous and hazardous situations.

Bring Americase on board to receive the custom case and care for your precious cargo deserve.

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