Sheet Metal Laser Cutting and Punching


As part of Americase’s full inhouse fabrication services, our sheet metal cutting via laser and punching provides our customers with high accuracy and fast results.  Through our Computer Numerically Controlled (CNC) punching, we are able to work with our customers CAD files and software to ensure an accurately fabricated product.  With specifications that are fairly complex, need exact results, and quick turnaround, our sheet metal laser cutting and punching equipment will get the job done.

  • 3-Axis Milling – 40″ X 20″ X 25″
  • 5-Axis Milling – 30″ X 20″ X 24″
  • Water Jet – 144″ X 60″ x6″
  • Fiber Laser – 6000 watt 144″ X 60″
  • CNC Lathe – 16″ X 48″
  • Laser Punch – 200″ X 60″
  • Router – 240″ X 60″ x 6″
  • Punch
    • 161″ X 240 Ton
    • 144″ X 100 Ton
    • 122″ X 8 Ton
    • 49″ 25 Ton

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Routering to print every time, on time.

Americase is built on handling complex problems with smart and efficient solutions.  Our CNC punching and lasering sheet metal cutting equipment helps our engineers and customers work together by integrating software with precision and adaptability. With the ability to work with a variety of metal types, inputting designs via CAD, and our AS9100 and ISO 9001 quality management approach, we ensure every project is met with the highest standards and delivered on time.

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