We engineer custom cases that stand up to the most demanding tasks.

Many of the cases used by airlines or within the general aerospace industry are made to meet the bare minimum requirements for operation. However, at Americase, we believe your containers should do more than just meet regulatory standards. We manufacture custom, reusable ATA 300 Specification Category I & II cases for a variety of use cases across the aerospace industry. Each is produced to individual airline specifications, so you know your case designs keep your unique needs as the highest priority.

Custom Containers for Fixed Wing Aviation

MROs & Spare Parts

The aerospace industry heavily relies on MROs and spare parts and their easy accessibility. When the cases those parts are in aren’t up to the task of delivering your mission-critical supplies to you, it affects everything. That’s why Americase creates individualized container solutions that help you achieve your goals, whether that’s the safe transportation of a last-minute part or the secure storage of additional supplies.

Oxygen Equipment

The shipping and transporting of equipment used in oxygen-based applications is a delicate matter that requires careful consideration and an eye for detail. The Americase team has designed everything from oxygen cylinder shipping cases to containers for oxygen generator machinery, so you can rest easy knowing your cargo is stored and transported using the best designs on the market today.

ATA-Specific Cases

At Americase, we have extensive experience working within the constraints and requirements set forth by the Air Transportation Association (ATA), so we understand what each ATA-regulated case requires to get the job done. Whether you need an ATA Spec 300 approved container to transport potentially hazardous materials, or are looking for an aluminum-made case that still adheres to ATA guidelines, our team will create the solution that best fits your needs.

Wherever you’re flying, Americase will build the custom containers to help you get you and your parts there.

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