Micromobility Device Solutions


Lithium technology has continued to rapidly change in the recreational vehicle industry, so you need containers that reliably and safely transport and store your lithium batteries well into the future. At Americase, we know that every small detail deserves attention, so our exceptional features and intuitive design come standard, and each case is designed to exceed any applicable regulations so you can trust in your lithium containers, day in and day out.

  • We created our EV cases to scale to fit future recreational vehicle battery shapes and sizes, ensuring that customers save money by not replacing their cases with each new model.
  • Each of our containers feature universal securement systems that utilize an efficient and effective 10% base, 90% lid design.
  • Each storage container is 100% made in America and utilizes recyclable materials to keep cases lightweight and easy to transport.
  • Containers feature raised HDPE floors and e-track systems for customizable EV battery placement.
  • Windows are installed on the lid of each case to allow for easy review of interior contents without the need to risk a potentially dangerous situation. 
  • Double wall designs ensure runaway events are contained within while still allowing for fire and heat mitigation. 
  • Each Americase case is made to be liftable via engine hoist, forklift, overhead crane, bucket truck, etc. for ease of use
  • All cases are grounded to mitigate the risk of unexpected ESD

Practical Thinking for Your Recreational Vehicle Battery Storage

When Americase was first introduced to the problem vehicle manufacturers were having with shipping their batteries across the country, we knew our straightforward and practical approach to creating scalable designs was going to be key. We then moved on to recreational vehicles and their lithium products,  because we know that without the safe and secure transportation and storage of your batteries, you’ll face potential downtime, recall, or thermal event. Our custom cases are designed for each client’s unique requirements and use cases, so they stand up to your needs today and well into the future.

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