Lithium-Ion Battery Transportation – Before & During Recovery Events

The Americase team understands that lithium batteries require careful consideration and attention-to-detail when shipping, especially if you’re in the middle of recalling your products. That’s why we’ve created various transportation cases specifically made to securely handle lithium batteries and withstand rigorous shipping conditions with the highest level of safety. This way, both you and your customers can rest easy knowing your lithium items are getting where they need to be without an unexpected event getting in the way.

Lithium Battery Transportation Containers

Our Ready-to-Use Solutions

At Americase, we offer a variety of options for clients in need of immediate use of lithium-ion battery shipping and transportation: the Battery Bag, the Battery Box, and our Foil-Lined Battery Box.

Whether you have a recall and recovery event you’re working on, or you need to ship prototype or DDR lithium batteries to other locations within your company, our ready-made shipping options are available now in a selection of sizes, or can be made to your specifications.

The Battery Super Box

When your work calls for robust, comprehensive transportation solutions to protect your large format lithium-cells and battery products requiring up to an aggregate of 5700Wh, Americase has the answer. 

Our Battery Super-Box was designed to be the most thermally protective lithium-ion containment and shipping solution in the market. Created with industrial strength aluminum capable of containing thermal-runaway events, this customizable lithium transportation product is here for you.

Reusable BBU Transportation

Today, the standard for shipping or moving BBUs is inefficient single-use packaging. This impractical option leads to higher costs, more workers’ comp instances, and ineffective processes. 

At Americase, we instead engineered a customizable solution that reduces your overall BBU transportation costs, decreases the likelihood of staff injury, and helps to reduce your environmental impact. This ergonomical and economical alternative to the current standard enables you to save money and time, and allows you to create new processes around your new, permanent BBU containers.

When you need a cost-effective or consumer-friendly lithium shipping solution, Americase has the solution for you.

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