We start with innovation. We end with the best containers on the market. Period.


Beautiful, practical solutions are the things we do best.


Our clients trust we’ll deliver on their mission-critical cases.

Custom Container Manufacturing Solutions

It’s not the case. It’s what goes into it. At Americase, we believe a case is only the beginning. When we jump on board with a customer’s project, our primary goal is not to just create a container to hold high-value goods, it’s to offer smart, practical problem-solving solutions to your persistent problems so you streamline your operations and bring efficiency to a potentially overlooked aspect of your work.

What Our Cases Do

Solving the Most Complex Problems

At Americase, we believe that specially designed cases should be the standard. Our team brings a smart, straightforward approach to each project we receive, creating intuitive designs highlighted by intelligent features.

Manufacturing for Lithium Ion Needs

When a lithium-ion battery is present, shipping can get tricky, especially if that battery is a damaged or defective return. We have the transportation supplies to simplify this for you.

Rigorously Tested for Performance

Our in-house experts have the knowledge and tools to fabricate a variety of solutions in addition to our tailormade shipping and storage containers.

We serve a broad range of the most demanding, most regulated industries

At Americase, we believe that each case we design is inherently unique and deserves individualized care. This is why we provide multiple equally viable case solutions in addition to our unparalleled customer support to assist in the decision-making process. With our in-house manufacturing, fabrication, and testing capabilities, we can fill large orders as well as produce individual custom solutions. Learn more about how Americase leads the market with our approach to custom engineered and manufactured cases.

Our process embraces the unexpected and unknown.


Development in Discovery

The discovery process looks different with each of our clients because we know that each project is unique. Our team may even include an on-site evaluation depending upon the complexity of your product request.


Every Americase product is put through rigorous testing to not just meet safety standards–to exceed them.

With our in-house laboratory, we provide data and test results with comprehensive insights into your safety events and applicable solutions. Learn more about Americase’s market-leading approach to quality assurance and testing.

Your equipment and goods are vital to your work, so that’s how we treat your containers.

You have important work to do and you rely on your equipment or your high-value goods to get the job done right the first time.

At Americase, we know that regardless of the field you’re in, you deserve dependable, high-quality solutions built to withstand rigorous conditions and last for years to come. No matter what industry you’re in, we will create the custom case that efficiently solves your particular problems with ease and convenience.

We’re on the case to solve your mission-critical problems.

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