Space and Exploration Solutions


With over 50 years of dedicated experience in custom case design and manufacturing, we possess an unparalleled expertise and the robust capability to tackle even the most formidable challenges in the industry. Our customers place immense trust in our high-quality, tailor-made cases to reliably protect and transport their mission-critical products, regardless of whether they are uniquely shaped, exceptionally fragile, or particularly sensitive to environmental conditions. We pride ourselves on delivering superior protection and ensuring the safe transit of valuable equipment, which is crucial for our clients’ success across various sectors. Our commitment to excellence and precision means that no challenge is too great for us to solve, and we continuously strive to exceed expectations, reinforcing our reputation as leaders in the custom case industry.

Our custom containers are designed specifically for your unique requirements. Each container is customized to solve your specific shipping or storage needs.


Stellar Custom Case Solutions for Our Space and Exploration Customers

At Americase, we use our 50+ years of custom case engineering and fabrication expertise to design protective containers to safely transport the valuable and unique products of our space and exploration clients. Top two space and exploration companies rely on Americase for their custom cases.

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