Thank you for considering Americase for your project. We use this 3-step consultation process to help us understand your specific needs so we can develop a smart, efficient solution to your particular requirements and challenges. All information is confidential, and you are not obligated to proceed with the project.

What To Expect When You Work With Americase

1. Discovery

This is the first step during which we learn the general information about your project: 

  • What you are needing to ship and/or store. 
  • Shipping and/or storage environment.
  • Performance criteria.
  • Mode of transport.
  • Quantity.
  • Delivery timeline.
  • Budget.

2. Analysis

Next, we recommend an on-site evaluation so our team members can understand your specific requirements and discover any latent needs. This step is important as these insights will help us develop a solution that delivers the superior functionality and performance customized to your unique needs. Once on-site, our experts will delve deeper to learn the following:

  • Facility restrictions.
  • Storage requirements.
  • Regulatory/compliance oversight considerations to ensure logistical efficiency.
  • Specific handling and any other performance criteria.
  • Appearance requirements for branding and/or aesthetics.
  • ROI – if needed, we can help you develop ROI for your use case.

3. Solution Proposal

This is the final step where we use the information gathered during Discovery and Analysis to develop a concept for your custom solution. You will receive:

  • Overview of your custom solution.
  • Timeline estimate.
  • Cost estimate.

We thank you again for your consideration. Remember that all consultations are confidential, and you are not obligated to proceed with the project.

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