Lithium Battery Fire Cabinet


Americase lithium battery storage fire cabinets are vital to the safe storage and charging of lithium batteries, in addition to containing potential fire hazards caused by lithium battery failures. These cabinets contain thermal events (i.e., fires) if the contents inside ignite and provide additional time for workers or residents to evacuate or for sprinkler systems to extinguish a fire.

  • Available in three sizes:
    • Small – made with a small footprint to be stacked onto an existing base, so the cabinet can be safely expanded without using additional floor or countertop space.
    • Medium – 35” x 22” x 24” – designed with a recessed toe kick to comfortably allow for use under existing counters.
    • Large – 43” x 18” x 24” – ideal for large commercial applications that regularly use a large amount of lithium-powered devices.
  • Rigorously designed and tested to contain a lithium battery fire up to 2000◦F (exceeding the upcoming 2024 International Fire Code for the safe lithium battery storage) and ensures that the external cabinet temperature will not exceed 400 ◦F should a fire occur.
  • Double-wall 18-gauge steel constructed to prevent flames or hazardous projectiles from exiting the cabinet. 
  • Adjustable isolation-shelves provide maximum configuration
  • Rubberized grommets enable the addition of power strips to allow for safe battery charging
  • Self-closing doors ensure optimal protection
  • Flush-mounted handles can be used with a padlock for additional security
  • Adjustable leveling feet for uneven surfaces
  • Powder coated in bright green to clearly designate its lithium battery storage use
  • Flush-mounted handles can be used with a padlock for additional security

Secure Lithium Storage, in the Home & Workplace

Whether it’s powering consumer electronics, power tools, mobility devices, or two-way communication equipment, modern homes and businesses have become reliant on technology driven by lithium batteries. However, these batteries are not without their drawbacks. Lithium holds tremendous energy and is known to catch on fire. These fires are especially dangerous because of their high temperature and the fact that they provide their own fuel, making them a challenge to extinguish. Americase, the leader in the safe storage and transportation of lithium batteries, has created a new product line to safely store and charge lithium batteries and their devices when not in use, keeping your family or workplace safe from lithium-related damages.

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