Americase and Shmuel De-Leon Energy Host 2nd Seminar on Li-ion Battery Safety, Transportation, Storage and Regulations February 2024

January 23, 2024

Two-day interactive event will present the latest in battery safety, industry knowledge, and regulatory trends, feature live demonstrations of battery fire containment, and offer a DOT certification course

Waxahachie, TX – January 23, 2024 – Americase is excited to announce the return of their Battery Safety, Storage, and Transportation Seminar on February 22-23, 2024, in partnership with Shmuel De-Leon Energy Ltd. This two-day event held at Americase’s facility in Waxahachie, Texas (just outside of Dallas), will provide cutting-edge education on lithium battery safety best practices, testing methodologies, regulatory developments, containment techniques, and more.

During the two information-packed days renowned industry experts will hold panel discussions, interactive workshops, and live demonstrations. Attendees will learn about emerging regulations and standards including SAE G-27 and UN IWG, changes to dangerous goods shipping rules and packaging, safe on-site storage protocols and best practices, thermal runaway containment solutions, supply chain risk management, planning for lithium battery recalls, and more. Eight industry experts will share their unique insights over the course of eleven sessions and demonstrations with the interactive format allowing attendees to engage with the topics and get answers to their pressing questions.

“In the race to better energy density, we shouldn’t forget safety — one bad event can take a company back ten years,” says Shmuel De-Leon, Founder and CEO of Shmuel De-Leon Energy, Ltd. “That’s why Americase and Shmuel De-Leon Energy are producing the 2nd Battery Safety, Storage, and Transportation Hands-On Seminar in Waxahachie, TX, to provide updated practical tools and knowledge to reduce battery safety events. Don’t miss this opportunity to join us.”

“We designed these interactive sessions and invited speakers to address many battery safety issues from different viewpoints and for various industry roles. We will discuss many tough questions and address the needs of different battery professions across multiple industries and business sectors.” said Robby Kinsala, President and CEO of Americase.

The two-day registration cost is $1,000. An optional DOT certification training course is offered on February 23 for an additional $300. See registration and the full event agenda.  

About Americase
Founded in 1985, Americase is a global leader in the custom design and manufacture of cutting-edge protection containers for the transportation and storage of hazmat and high value goods. Dedicated to mission-critical problem-solving innovation, the company provides efficient and effective answers to even the most complex shipping and storage problems. Americase supports customers across various industries and organizations, including consumer electronics, data centers, automotive, airline and general aviation, oil and gas, power tools, recreational vehicles and micromobility devices, space and exploration, U.S. Military, medical devices, and semiconductors.

About Shmuel De-Leon Energy, Ltd.

Founded in 2010 and located in Hod-Hasharon, Israel, Shmuel De-Leon Energy, Ltd. provides battery consulting services to customers around the world. Led by internationally-renowned battery expert, Shmuel de-Leon, the company develops unique battery and battery-related products – and the services needed to support them. These unique products and services are designed to save customers time, effort, and resources, creating the most optimal battery solution possible. The need for EV, ESS, and portable applications is the driving force behind the strong demand for battery solutions, and Shmuel De-Leon Energy Ltd. works with more than 2,500 customers around the world to meet that demand.

About HazMat Safety Consulting

HazMat Safety Consulting is a dangerous goods (DG) consulting firm that specializes in navigating transport regulations both domestically and internationally, helping companies simplify the complex world of dangerous goods compliance and logistics. While some DG consulting firms just interpret regulations without the knowledge and experience needed to understand the intent and objective behind the regulation, HazMat Safety Consulting brings a unique approach – with their team’s experience in regulation and industry consulting alike, they ideate solutions and help clients understand the answers to the challenges they face while ensuring compliance with complex regulations.

About Fulcrum Testing

Fulcrum Testing specializes in testing energetic materials and products, focusing on lithium-ion batteries and the products they power. Through their team of test engineers and expertise in safe battery storage and transportation, Fulcrum Testing creates custom testing strategies to ensure clients’ products meet and exceed industry standards and certifications. When it comes to the dangerous goods industry, Fulcrum Testing is the laboratory companies and manufacturers trust to conduct their lithium battery and packaging safety and performance tests.

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